BTS Merch

BTS eripheral goods, can sell more than 40 tons per week. BTS aka Bangtan Boys, is a boy group that includes seven members in South Korean: RMJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV and Jungkook. They are in Company Big Hit Entertainment (part of HYBE Labels). The boy group debuted on June 13, 2013.

As one of the new cultural phenomena of the 21st century, the commercial value and brand image of the BTS K-Pop group no longer needs any explanation. Because they are a foreign men’s group, they just won five consecutive championships with the song “Butter” on the “Billboard HOT100” chart this week. No wonder many ARMYs proudly said: I am really lucky to be born in the era of witnessing history with BTS!

BTS Mcdonald’s Merch

On the other hand, as BTS’s globalization strategy has become more fashionable, it has become more common for the company to send mail to fans around the world. And in accordance with the consistent practice of HYBE Entertainment, BTS‘s company Bit Hit, most BTS-related BTS Mcdonalds Merch and BT21-related accessories are available in limited quantities to fans around the world. More and more BTS Kpop Merchandise are sold to ARMYs globally. Although there are many high imitations on the online platform, BTS fans still hope to buy the idol accessories they want through formal channels.

According to the latest data from foreign airlines BTS Merch Store, the shipments of various BTS-related commodities can reach as many as 40 tons within a week. If it comes to the time when the new album is released, and the time period for gift giving at the end of the year, then there may be more Mcdonalds BTS Merch. Among them, BTS-related Official records Merch and peripheral BTS Merch Box accounted for the largest proportion. In addition, there are other peripheral items including some clothes and cups. And the final destination of these goods is basically North America.

BTS Butter Merch

After hearing the news, many netizens expressed their surprise. Because even with many trading companies now, the volume of goods in a week is rarely able to reach the level of 40 tons. BTS Merch Box in the pop-up store of Las Vegas. Therefore, the statement that BTS can contribute to the K-POP ecosystem and even the entire foreign national economy is absolutely well-founded. BTS, yyds!

And the boy group fans at home and abroad are also very proud of the economic effects brought by BTS. And they did do a good job of setting an example. This has also led to many mainstream idol singers targeting the European and American markets.

However, as the economic benefits brought by BTS become larger and larger, some people in the circle have also raised some doubts. That is, if BTS members enlist in the army one after another, which group can replace their status and popularity in the global music scene? Such as, the BTS Permission To Dance Merch are hot.

Although the popularity trend of TXT and SEVENTEEN is also very good, there is still a big gap compared with BTS. In addition, YG’s BLACKPINK is also focusing on overseas markets, but the main consumer group of idol singers is the female consumer market. Therefore, the actual main profit point of BLACKPINK is not in the artist’s surroundings, BTS Concert Merch is popular now in Amrican, but in the image promotion of European and American big names.

So who do you think after BTS enlists in the army, who can replace their leading position in the global music market? Now they have a cooperation of Nordstrom for the BTS Meal Merch.

NO. 1 BTS Merch Set for Army BTS Stickers Set

BTS Merch Set for Army BTS Stickers Set
Set include 12 BTS Stickers 40 BTS Lomo Card 8 BTS Ins Card 2 BTS 3D Stickers 1 BTS Lanyard 1 BTS Pen 1 BTS Keychain 1 BTS Tattoo Sticker 1 BTS Phone Ring
BrandKpop BTS
Item Weight‎6.7 ounces
Package Dimensions9.61 x 6.69 x 1.54 inches
Material TypeRubber
Photos of bangtan boys40 piece small photo cards, 8 piece ins cards, 2 piece 3D stickers and 1 piece tattoo sticker
OthersA love yourself support pen;small key ring made of rubber

NO. 2 BTS School Backpack Casual Bookbag for Girls

BTS School Backpack Casual Bookbag for Girls
Item Size30 * 21 * 44CM (11.8 * 8.26 * 17.3in) Backpack with laptop protection compartment, can hold 15.6in laptop Weight: 0.75 kg
Featurebackpack is equipped with USB and audio cable ports, we provide USB cable and audio cable
FunctionThe body joint is neatly reinforced, fine workmanship, no wire drop phenomenon, good quality, can be used at will
ContainsBackpack consists of a main bag, 3 zippered front pockets and 2 side
Pack Dimension8.26 x 11.8 x 17.3 inches
Item Weight1.65 pounds

NO.3 Kpop BTS Merchandise Canvas Shoulder Bag

Kpop BTS Merchandise Canvas Shoulder Bag
OriginImported from Korea
MaterialSoft canvas
FeatureName of bts is printed
FunctionShoulder bag, messenger bag or tote bag
CapacityZip Closure with a large space in the bag. Along with a small open pocket inside.
Package Dimensions7.48 x 6.38 x 1.38 inches
Item Weight5.29 Ounces

NO.4 BTS Merch BTS Bangtan Boys Gift Set for ARMY Fans

BTS Merch BTS Bangtan Boys Gift Set for ARMY Fans
BTS Gift Set includes 1 pack bts backpack, 7 pack bts bracelet, 12 sheet of bts stickers, 1 pack bts lanyard, 2 pack bts button pins, 1 sheet of bts 3D sticker, 1 pack bts phoen ring,1 pack wrist strap
Pack Dimensions10.04 x 7.6 x 1.97 inches
Item Weight10.23 Ounces
Date First AvailableMay 30, 2019
  • BTS Bracelet: 7 styles, made of silicone. The adults unisex size – 7.95 in x 1/2 in x 2 mm
  • Stickers: 12 sheets for decoration
  • Bag: Canvas drawstring bag, size in 16 * 14 inches
  • Lanyard: RM, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-hope, Suga, V member’s photo printed, length is 17 inches