BlackPink Wear The Cardigan This Fall

ELLE, one of the top five fashion magazines in the United States, recently announced the lead role of its October issue, and it has invited South Korea’s top girl group, the sweet sweet BlackPink! They also made history by becoming the first Korean female group to unlock the cover of an American fashion magazine. in addition to the group photo, ELLE also released a personal cover of the four members with the words “the future is BlackPink, the biggest girl group in the world” (The future is BlackPink, The world’s strongest girl band). The four members all wear their own representative brands, excellent expression, perfect interpretation of calm and fashionable visual sense.

BlackPinkhas always had great fashion resources since its debut. The four members are ambassadors or MUSES for fashion brands, such as Jisoo as Dior Muse, Jennie as Chanel Korea brand ambassador, Rose as Saint Laurent global brand ambassador, and Lisa as Bvlgari’s latest global brand ambassador. It is not only the explosive popularity of the four members that can be favored by various brands. Their private fashion sense is also a sign of imitation by many girls.

A peek at what the Blackpink members wear in private or at the airport reveals that while the four may have different charms and styles, they definitely share the same love of knitwear.

Cardigans are the best looking and appropriate pieces for the transition period from summer to autumn. They are easy to match and also an essential foundation piece for folding. BlackPink four girls will also be simple knitwear, wear different flavor, tight knit sexy salt; Loose knitwear sweetens 30 liters of milk.

However, BlackPink merch of knitted sweaters are also called grandma’s shirts. Many girls think that wearing knitted sweaters is good-looking and has high requirements on the figure. If they are not properly matched, they will become old-fashioned. The reason why knitted sweaters look old is mainly because their materials and designs have an obvious sense of maturity. However, as long as you pay attention to the collocation of knitted sweaters and other items, and choose the right style, you will have unexpected effects, and wear knitted sweaters in a classic fashion!

BlackPink Cardigan & Jeans

A cardigan and jeans combination is an entry-level, everyday way to pair any cardigan with jeans for a casual and stylish look. blackpink women often wear cardigans with jeans.

Short knits can be used to highlight the waist line, and slim or straight leg jeans can be used to visually touch up and stretch the legs, creating the perfect golden ratio, which is a must for short girls.

Long knits can be used as outerwear and are a great cover, especially for girls with wide hips. Tall girls wear long knitwear with jeans, walk with unique style.

BlackPink Knit Cardigan & Floral Dress

The combination of a knitted cardigan and a floral skirt is definitely the first choice for French girls, so it has a particularly French lazy style.

A floral dress can be used as an inner layer, and a plain knitted sweater can be used to reduce the impetuousness of the floral, perfectly bringing out the essence of French literary style. French blogger jeanne damas often matches like this, and carrying a vegetable basket is the daily wear of French girls.

BlackPink Loose Knitted Sweater

When a knitted sweater is used as a jacket, it must comply with the principle of tightness on the inside and looseness on the outside. The choice of the inside is very important. You can choose a short vest with a knitted sweater for a more sexy and dynamic overall look. Or wear a high-neck tight-fitting bottoming shirt inside, and a loose knitted sweater to increase the layering, fashionable and warm at the same time.

Jennie Merch
Lisa Merch
Jisoo Merch
Rose Merch

If you feel that a solid-color knitted cardigan has no characteristics, you can choose a knitted cardigan in Modilan to highlight the feeling of a gentle little woman in the knitted sweater. In addition, you can also choose knitted cardigans with detailed designs, such as chanel branded knitted sweaters, which have a classic retro style, or knitted sweaters with small flower embroidery, which look more age-reducing and cute.

Girls who are worried that the knitted sweater will appear fat can choose a v-neck knitted cardigan. The v-neck design can stretch the neck line vertically, which can achieve the effect of modifying the face shape, and is especially suitable for girls with short necks or round faces.

By Lisa