The encounter between Bulletproof and ARMY is the formula of mathematics, the commandment of religion and the law of the universe. 🌌

Today, I will share with ARMYs some good-looking and practical peripherals of BTS. This is the official peripheral series of BTS DNA-themed bags. The color is super milk, the pendant mini bag and the messenger bag.

Small bags can be hung around the neck! You can put an AirPods, the key is no problem, the capacity is not large but super Q, you can also put a traffic card on the back, the strap can be disassembled and adjusted, and the strap can be removed and used as an AirPods bag, the usual change, headphones, Lipsticks can be put in it~ The back pocket is full of details of lyrics with DNA printed on it✨

The big one is even better. It is an acorn bag with Jimin merch icon, and a note pendant. There is a transparent pocket on the front that can hold small cards. It is so cute. of. 🐰

The appearance is explosive, suitable for summer, and some personal items such as earphones, lipsticks, and mobile phones are very acceptable when we usually go out. The DNA” pattern with the small note is especially suitable for summer, and there is also an obvious “DNA” pattern on the back, which is very easy to recognize ARMY when you go out πŸ’œ

Running support activities carrying a small bag to play, the most beautiful in the audience is you

The surrounding area of ​​Bulletproof has changed in various ways. Seeing that the surrounding area is exquisite and the charm of the seven men of the ARMYs, how can you resist it! 😍

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By Lisa